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Join us on August 13th for a free webinar revealing the Secrets of the Looking Glass!

The Looking Glass:

The Holographic Display for 3D Work.

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Industry Solutions

Professionals who work in 3D are integrating Looking Glass displays into their workflows.

Platform Plugins

Plugins for Unity, Unreal, JavaScript

Rich documentation, complete with API references, example scenes, design guidelines

Active developer community

3D Format Support

Applications to support common needs

Model Importer for .obj, .glTF support
Depth Media Player for Depthkit video

Native Integration Support

Cross-platform SDK for building native Looking Glass support into your 3D software

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Proprietary Light Field Technology

Holographic displays allow people to see digital 3D content that feels like it’s physically there.

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Secrets of the Looking Glass Revealed

Update: 7-29, 2020

Secrets of the Looking Glass Revealed

Join us on August 13th for a free webinar about the light field technology that powers the Looking Glass. Learn More

Powering 3D Workflows at Leading Companies