The Looking Glass
Model by Kerkstra Pre-Construction (@nategrayscott)


A universal holographic display for 3D creators

Interact with truly 3D worlds, without VR/AR headgear.

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Everything you see is real.

No special effects have been used

Your holographic display has arrived.

The Looking Glass is a new holographic display that lets you view, interact with, and share 3D creations in the real world. See whatever you put inside your Looking Glass — from a virtual pet to an architectural model or a CAD drawing of a rocket engine — come to life.

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A group of people enjoying the Looking Glass together

No VR/AR goggles needed

VR is a solitary experience, locked away in a bulky, uncomfortable headset. With the Looking Glass, groups of people can finally interact with 3D content together.

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Artist working with the Unity SDK
Art by Willy Decarpentrie

Getting started is easy

Download our Unity SDK to make your own holographic apps, or view 3D models and animations directly inside your Looking Glass with the click of a button.

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Looking Glass Touch Experience

Your work, alive and genuinely 3D

This isn’t some CG hoax or optical illusion. The Looking Glass’ patent-pending hardware and software generate 45-views of a virtual scene, enabling groups of people to see their 3D creations come to life in superstereoscopic 3D, in full-color depth at 60-frames per second.

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A Looking Glass will be compatible with

A letter from Looking Glass Factory

3D creators of the world, unite for the hologram!

Our team at Looking Glass Factory is a group of 3D creators that uses Unity, Solidworks, Maya, Blender and more every day. To that end, we frequently run holographic experiments with beautiful, expressive, weird, and wild 3D creations made available online. While we’ve done our best to attribute all works to their original creators, we may slip up from time to time. If you’re not properly credited, or we’ve done something that you’d rather we didn’t, don’t hesitate to send me a message and we’ll fix it.

Or, if you’re just curious to see a Looking Glass in person and chat with those of us making the hardware and software behind it, come by our labs in Brooklyn or Hong Kong and we’d love to chat and show you what we’re up to. We’re looking forward to building the future of the hologram together with you.

Shawn Frayne
Co-Founder & CEO,
Looking Glass Factory

Awesome Award

Awesome award

Augmented World Expo USA 2018

SXSW 2018

Finalist, “SciFi No Longer”

SXSW Interactive Festival 2018

Made in the Looking Glass

A slice of what creators are building around the world.

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The Looking Glass for 3D Artists

3D artists & unity developers

Pull all your 3D characters and scenes into the physical world to test its behavior or get feedback from others.

Art by Dizingof

Industrial & product designers

Avoid wasted time and money by prototyping your designs instantly as a hologram before building the physical model.

The Looking Glass for 3D nerds
Sequence filmed with 4DViews' volumetric capture technology

Fellow 3D nerds (just like us!)

For those experimenting with anything from volumetric video to stereoscopic drone scans, this holographic testbed is made for you.

“A beautiful and elegant piece of technology, affording the viewer the dignity of seeing 3D worlds without strapping a thing to their head.”

David O’Reilly

Artist & Game Designer (Everything, Mountain)

Director of hologram sequence in Her

“Finally, people can actually build experiences, build interactions that happen in 3D in autostereoscopic, no-glasses 3D, it’s what everyone’s wanted all along.”

John Underkoffler

CEO, Oblong

Creator of holograms in Minority Report & Iron Man

“The most mind-blowing technology I’ve seen in years. It’s the truly futuristic, deeply immersive display we’ve always dreamed of.”

Jake Lodwick

Founder, Vimeo & Keezy

“They’ve gone from 2-D stuff to actual digital holograms that are interactive and it’s amazing.”

Zach Hoeken Smith

Co-founder, Makerbot

“My initial experience with Looking Glass was really that it’s magic. The way in which you experience 3D is much more natural and instinctive in terms of seeing how you can understand the layers of a space.”

Suchi Reddy

Architect & Founder, Reddymade

“I’ve been working on and studying 3D displays for a long time and the Looking Glass is the first display that delivers on the promise of the hologram. It feels like you’re experiencing something out of a sci-fi movie.”

Matt Parker

Assistant Professor, NYU Game Center

“You’re close to this technology, you’re interacting with this display, so you see it as a home for [my 3D] creature... it’s a real intimate process of creation.”

Maria Mishurenko

Game & Experience Designer

“It's like being in a movie and planning something important in 3D, but it's real.”

Eric Wilhelm


Vice President Fusion 360, Autodesk

A holographic display for 3D creators.

See your 3D creations the way they were meant to be seen, and get a Looking Glass for your desk today. First production batch available for a very limited time. Orders will be shipped out in 4-6 weeks.

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