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Meet your first personal holographic display.

The latest in lightfield technology has arrived.

Looking Glass Portrait is for the millions of creators that are ready to own the third dimension: artists, developers, designers, filmmakers, photographers, and anyone starting to explore 3D.

3D in real life

Finally, groups of people can relive memories or peer into new worlds in stunning 3D at the very same time.

Plug and play

Power up over USB-C to find yourself in hologram land. Works with Mac and PC, or completely standalone.

Create your own

Create an infinite loop of holographic photos and video messages from the future with our easy-to-use software.

Radically light

Revolutionary optics make for a new class of holographic display light in both weight and price.

Bring anything you capture to 3D life.

Capture holograms from your phone.

Portrait Mode photos contain depth information that are hologram friendly. Our HoloPlay Studio application transforms your photos into the dozens of perspectives needed for easy viewing in the Looking Glass.

Convert any image into a hologram.

Our 2D-to-3D add-on service automatically generates high-quality depth map from any 2D image. With just one click, everything from internet memes to childhood photos can be made whole in 3D.

Record holographic home videos.

Holographic Videos allow you to send a 10-second holographic birthday message, or a time-traveler's greeting to your great-great granddaughter.

Compatible with Microsoft Azure Kinect and Intel RealSense cameras, as well as iPhones X, 11, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max with TrueDepth and LiDAR capabilities.

Bring anything you create to 3D life.

Credit: CIBER GEISHA by Oscar Creativo

Develop hyperrealistic 3D characters.

Blender and Sketchfab integrations allow you to liberate your 3D creations from the second dimension. Bring impossible models and characters into the real world. Our connected community of creators is making sure you always have something to show off.

Credit: Interactive application inspired by Eliza SJ

Interact with the virtual in reality.

Unity and Unreal support empowers you to build your own holographic apps. Simply connect your Looking Glass Portrait to your PC or Mac to get started. We’ll guide you every step of the way.

Two modes of operation.

Looking Glass Portrait just works, with or without your computer. As a holographic creation tool, or a viewing portal into the future.

Desktop Mode

For those looking to supercharge their 3D creation workflows, Looking Glass Portrait also becomes a powerful holographic second monitor. Compatible with both PC and Mac.

Standalone Mode

Looking Glass Portrait hardware can operate standalone, with its built-in computer able to display a collection of lightweight holographic media at an exceptional level of quality. Runs up to 1,000 pieces of holographic media in standalone mode.

A display so advanced, it’s simple.


Display Size


Viewing Cone

1536 x 2048

Input Resolution

45 – 100

Number of Views

Equipped with powerful 3D creation tools.

Your Looking Glass comes with a free software suite that allows you to create holograms your way on day one.

HoloPlay Studio

View and edit a variety of 3D image and video formats on the Looking Glass.

HoloPlay Unity Plugin

Create holographic characters, experiences, and entire worlds with our Unity Plugin.

HoloPlay Unreal Plugin

Create and interact with highly realistic holographic creations with our Unreal Plugin.

Blender Add-on

Create beautiful holographic scenes and animations with our Blender add-on.

3D Model Importer

Load glTF, GLB, and OBJ models into the Looking Glass to view models in true 3D.

Depth Recorder

Stream a 3D representation of your world and create holographic videos with futuristic effects.


Edit Portrait mode and other depth photos with backgrounds, animated gifs, and effects.

Designed for people, real and imagined.

Looking Glass Portrait

Yours for $399. Your holograms await.