16” Spatial Display Portrait

A portrait oriented spatial OLED display with deep blacks and stunning 4K clarity.

16” Spatial Display Landscape

Experience a new dimension of design with the 16” desktop spatial OLED display in landscape orientation.

Spatial visualization

Elevate design and development with complex 3D structures, digital twins, and engineering simulations.

Available in two orientatons

Available in both Portrait and Landscape, choose which display orientationPortrait or landscape is best for your needs.

4K clarity and crispness

These are the first commercially available 3D displays that combine the brilliance of OLED color depth with true spatial depth at 4K resolution.

A sleek aluminum profle

Whether mounted as an installation or on a desk, these displays unparalleled depth with an incredibly thin form factor.

Group viewable 3D

Easiest way for groups of people to see life-like 3D content without any additional headgear or calibration. What you see is what you get.

Immersive use cases

Deliver dynamic 3D content with true to life realism for any experience.

Visualize complex 3D data with a desktop spatial display.

This demo demonstrates how the Looking Glass 16" Spatial OLED brings Accenture Liquid Studio's exquisite watch to life.

Bring digital twins into the real world combining the power of 3D with interactivity.

Experience footwear fantasy on the Looking Glass 16"Spatial OLED, where a wave of your hand transforms the 3D holographic sneaker.

Create magical brand moments with Liteforms for ChatGPT powered avatars AI avatars.

Looking Glass and the United States Space Force have created a new way to interact with satellite data, simplifying visualization to boost efficiency.

*Final design is brushed aluminum.

Tech specs

Screen Diagonal
3840 x 2160
Refresh Rate
Color Depth
1 Billion+
Looking Glass 16" Spatial OLED
Screen diagonal
Refresh rate
60 Hz
Viewing zone
150° overall / 53° optimal*
Number of views
3840 x 2160
Color depth
1 Billion+
Viewing distance
1' to ∞
*Depth increases from 2D to 3D progressively from the outside towards the inside of the viewing zone.
Aluminum, anti-reflective glass
Power supply
100~240VAC, 50/60Hz, 1.2A
Landscape Size (WxHxD)
15.5” x  9.2” x  1.2”
353 x  233 x  31mm
Landscape VESA mount spec (WxH)
7.9” x 3.9”
200 x 100 mm
Display weight
3.3 lb / 1.5kg
Portrait Size (WxHxD)
9.2” x  15.5” x  1.2”
233 x 353 x   31mm
Portrait VESA mount spec (WxH)
3.9” x 7.9”
100 x 200 mm
Power cable
HDMI & USB-C cable
VESA wall mount thread holes
User manual and documentation

Tech drawings


The drawings provided are representative only and are subject to change.


The drawings provided are representative only and are subject to change.

Spatial media for all

Looking Glass displays generate up to 100 views of a single three-dimensional scene, allowing seamless 3D visuals for groups more accessible than all other 3D hardware.

Isometric phone graphic showing a cube in one view

1 View

Isometric VR headset graphic showing a cube in one view
VR headset


Isometric Looking glass graphic showing a cube in multiple views amongst many people viewing
Looking Glass

Broadcasts up to 100 views for multiple groups of people

Trusted by leading brands

"It is a breathtaking display – a must-have for malls, stadiums and storefronts."
— Erik Murphy-Chutorian, CEO 8th Wall
“Looking Glass’ 3D technology can be deployed in physical environments along with paired metaverse experiences to create deeper, more immersive interactions between brands and their customers.”
— David Treat, Senior managing director Accenture
“At Springbok, we believe that Looking Glass has reached that balance and created a technology where limitless applications are now possible.”

— Brandon Zamel, CEO SpringBok
“They continue to innovate the field of display technology, bringing the 3D virtual world into the real world– without the hassle of a headset. This is a great step in making the metaverse more accessible for all.”
— Tony Parisi, Metaverse Pioneer
Looking Glass
16" Spatial Display Portrait
Looking Glass
16" Spatial Display Landscape

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